Are you an adventurer, an itinerant or just someone who wants to embark on a journey for the fun of it and having obtained a car rental and drawn your itinerary plan you are ready to go, either way, whatever the reason for the journey and you find yourself ready to brave the horizon with your backpack and your ride waiting for you to begin that journey, there are some things that always will pose a problem and that is: What is necessary and what is superfluous in a backpack when preparing for a journey.

That said, if you are spoilt for choices as to what may consist the volume of your backpack, one other thing to not trifle with is that if you don’t have a ride, you can easily find a rental car to streamline your travel burdens as it is equally important.



Let’s assume you set out, hands on the wheels of your rental car, getting your clothes, underwears, change clothes, pyjamas and other apparel is doubly important.
The importance of these fineries are of the utmost and even if you plan on an immediate trip, a change of clothes is still paramount lest you look untidy and


Things like toothpaste, soaps, shampoo and suchlike are the inevitable needs one must have with him or her on a journey whether it is to cleanse our face during the journey or to avail the use of other toiletries in the uneventful case of incontinence of the bladder (you never know).

It is always paramount that one must be prepared for the journey ahead and when you throw that backpack in the rental car, this is one important thing that when you have, you’ll be certain you made the right choice.


Having important devices like your smartphones to keep abreast with events how they occur and chargers and adaptors to keep these devices powered is just as important as everything you will need.

In a digital world as we are in, digital data of ID’s and other information can even be contained in our laptops and can provide for backup should the physical data be lost, in say, our wallet.


Being in a journey, misadventures may or can ensue at any point in our travels and it may compound traveling when we are not fully equipped to deal with such ill fated mishap and once it is a remote or deserted place we are visiting, these may pose problems of serious consequences.

Take the hypothetical situation of someone traveling in a car rental in a marooned Island in the Caribbean and happen upon an accident, he may injure or suffer worse fate because he wasn’t prepared only because he thought carrying a first aid kit in his backpack superfluous and unnecessary.


1. Plasters 
2. Gauze
3. Bandages
4. Antiseptic 
5. Wipes 


Those metal bottles sitting limp in your backpack laying in your rental car may just about be the only thing that may save you from drought if you are unsure of what conditions you are going to meet in the destination of your travel especially if it is one of protean weather conditions.

Water bottles are helpful and you should always include in it, something to distil or filter the water in case you run out of water itself and your only source is water not ordinarily potable on the assumption of the worst.


Wallets are super important though it is more about what it contains. Wads of cash, passport, IDs,ATM cards.

These are important things because forgetting your passport in the event that you would be traveling by air may mean you would have to forfeit your flight which can be, to say the least, frustrating, plus having an okay amount of cash would also come in handy in case of unforeseen contingencies.

Having skimmed through this list, I’m positive an informed decision on your backpack must-haves should have been made even in the face of countless choices staring you in the face as you find a rental car and begin your journey.
So Enjoy your trip!!!


Traveling Abroad: A Beginner’s Guide

Traveling is one of the most wonderful experiences, and everyone should do it at least once in their lifetime. It broadens the mind, enriches the spirit, and you can learn a lot about different cultures, perspectives and history all while you have the pleasure of enjoying your trip.

However, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind before and during your trip, especially if you go to a different country, where cultural background might have an impact on it.

5 Tips to make your trip better

There aren’t many big differences between travelling in your own country or abroad, that’s why, you might find these tips useful when travelling abroad.

  1. Check your passport and Visa requirements.

Before travelling abroad you have to be sure to have a passport and its expiration date. Sometimes people need to spend unnecessary time in a country because you have to renew your passport. This might be a hard situation to go through because it can break your budget down with all the requirements needed.


Each country is different therefore, they might apply certain laws/ rules for those foreign citizens who may get there, and this is something you don’t have to leave until the very last minute; otherwise you will definitely have problems and even be fined.

  1. Check prices.

Checking hotels, hostels, bus tickets, airplane tickets, taxis, meals and those essential things you need to survive before you go abroad is one big plus. The biggest tool that you now have on your side is the internet. So, you can get the information in some websites or in chatrooms. Likewise you can contact rental24 if you need to get a ride.


  1. Seasons and clothing.


The four seasons of the year might change if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere, be sure to check what season of the year or weather condition you’re going to get during your trip.

There’s nothing worse than having the wrong clothes in your trip. It will make it more difficult and you will have to spend money on new clothes.

  1. Remember you are a foreign; keep a low profile.

No matter what the circumstance is and even if you get to probe a point, you are the foreign; therefore, you must not over-claim your country nor denigrate other peoples because of your nationality or social status. It’s not wise to try to provoke they law force by doing prohibit actions nor things they are not used to. At the end you will surely spend 3 months tops, why to impose your culture?

  1. Be kind, always.

No matter where you go, if you treat people with respect; a thousand doors will open for you. Always greet, shake hands, and take some minutes or second to talk to people. Nice people are welcome everywhere.

Once you get these tips done, you will see how easy is to travel abroad, no matter what the season of the year or what country it is, and if you follow them, you will notice that every single moment during the trip will be special.

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When it comes to golfing holiday, it’s important that you choose the right travel destination to make your trip exciting. These fascinating places will provide you with everything you need for a fantastic tour. With the availability of the luxury car rental, you’ll easily hire a vehicle that can take you through the places of your choice. As a golf player, you need to tee off each day and then go relax feeling rejuvenated and ready to go again the next day.

From famous international courses to the most common championship domestic links, the following destinations are ideal for every golfer player.


This is a famous Golden State known as a home for some of the Country’s best courses. The pristine weather experienced throughout the year clearly define how conducive is the environment for a touring golfer.


If you have never played at the Scottish course, perhaps you can’t treat yourself as a serious golfer. This place is known as a sport’s homeland with the golf member club, 18-hole course, and a birthplace of the game.


Ireland has got a firm golf history with some of the most renowned courses in the world. Although weather at some season may not favor playing the course, I bet it worth your time visiting because of the pristine green fairways.


This is one of the places full of beautiful greens. As a touring golfer, you’ll experience most of the prestigious golf courses found on the Big Island of Kailua-Kona and the coast of Kauai in Koloa.

The Carolinas

We can view Carolinas as the easiest golf destinations for golfers residing at East Coast. Both the North and the South Carolina are neighboring states offering everything you need to experience great Golf vacation. The availability of several resort hotels and public courses with direct access make it a nice place for every Golfer.

Seemingly, there are other best Golf destinations that you can’t live without paying a visit.

These places include:
• Puerto Rico
• Canada
• Florida
• Italy
• Australia and New Zealand

Finally, these destinations are some of the best places for Golf enthusiasts. It’s your obligation to carefully choose your destination base on how important is your stay. So why wait any longer? Make golfing your number one vacation priority to experience the best you can deserve. Never hesitate to hire a luxury car rental if you’re determined to enjoy every bit of your time while exploring your trip.

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