Most Lavish Travel Destinations in The United States

The USA is the perfect place for people who want to travel lavishly. Filled with exotic and luxurious options, these cities have high-end accommodation, fine dining, and lavish spas. We have compiled a list of Top 5 luxurious destinations in the US. If you want to enjoy and explore more, then you should definitely rent a vehicle.

1. Maui

This quiet island offers everything the state of Aloha can offer. From intriguing history and culture to exotic wildlife, this island is your perfect luxurious destination. You can go snorkeling with turtles, golfing along the coast, shimmering with hula dancers or just relaxing on the beach.
Once you reach the island, head to South Maui coasts for the iconic Wailea Beach or to the west of Maui for Kaanapali Beach. Enjoy the calming music of the Old Lahaina Luau located at Kaanapali beach. Those who want to experience East Maui’s stunning coastline should travel along the Hana road. Remember to visit Haleakala, the largest dormant volcano in the world.

2. Aspen

This thrilling mountain town looks like it’s straight of a movie. It features mountain chalets that are hugged by Colorado Rookies. Do you love skiing? Then Aspen is a full package for skiing enthusiasts. The town has for major skiing areas. Apart from winter sports, Aspen offers upscale shopping, fun festivals, and amazing museums galleries.
The town is a hotspot for the rich and famous because of its high-end resorts. This is the right place to spend a luxurious and memorable vacation of your life.

3. Orlando, FL

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the great Orlando. Experience stunning views of natural preserves, fantastic gardens, lovely neighborhoods, and a fabulous museum scene. It also has fabulous cuisine and lavish accommodations for people with deeper pockets. We can’t forget the adrenaline pumping theme parks.
Those who want a calm environment should go down the coasters.

4. San Francisco

This city is ideal for the free-spirited and adventurous types. With an edgy art, amazing cuisine and vibrant nightlife, this city will keep you busy throughout your vacation. Head to Twin Peaks to admire the stunning views of the city or just take a walk along the marina. You can’t miss taking a ride on a cable car.
San Francisco has many vibrant quarters with flourishing culture. Visit the Fisherman’s Wharf are for a better look of Alcatraz. Remember to visit Golden Gate Bridge, the Haight, and the Castro and the Mission District to experience the city’s different lifestyles.

5. Palm Springs. CA

This city in the Southern California desert has been known to attract famous people. The striking desert scenery and beautiful sunsets are the major highlights of the city. It is filled with Spas, pools, and nightclubs will keep you occupied. There are plenty of things to in the surrounding Coachella Valley. Those who want a memorable Palm Springs experience should take it easy and relax in a trendy bar or by the pool. You won’t regret a visit to Palm Springs.
These are the most luxurious destinations in the USA. The cities offer imaginative cuisine, lavish and high-end activities. You should rent a vehicle to get the most out your trip to these cities.