When it comes to golfing holiday, it’s important that you choose the right travel destination to make your trip exciting. These fascinating places will provide you with everything you need for a fantastic tour. With the availability of the luxury car rental, you’ll easily hire a vehicle that can take you through the places of your choice. As a golf player, you need to tee off each day and then go relax feeling rejuvenated and ready to go again the next day.

From famous international courses to the most common championship domestic links, the following destinations are ideal for every golfer player.


This is a famous Golden State known as a home for some of the Country’s best courses. The pristine weather experienced throughout the year clearly define how conducive is the environment for a touring golfer.


If you have never played at the Scottish course, perhaps you can’t treat yourself as a serious golfer. This place is known as a sport’s homeland with the golf member club, 18-hole course, and a birthplace of the game.


Ireland has got a firm golf history with some of the most renowned courses in the world. Although weather at some season may not favor playing the course, I bet it worth your time visiting because of the pristine green fairways.


This is one of the places full of beautiful greens. As a touring golfer, you’ll experience most of the prestigious golf courses found on the Big Island of Kailua-Kona and the coast of Kauai in Koloa.

The Carolinas

We can view Carolinas as the easiest golf destinations for golfers residing at East Coast. Both the North and the South Carolina are neighboring states offering everything you need to experience great Golf vacation. The availability of several resort hotels and public courses with direct access make it a nice place for every Golfer.

Seemingly, there are other best Golf destinations that you can’t live without paying a visit.

These places include:
• Puerto Rico
• Canada
• Florida
• Italy
• Australia and New Zealand

Finally, these destinations are some of the best places for Golf enthusiasts. It’s your obligation to carefully choose your destination base on how important is your stay. So why wait any longer? Make golfing your number one vacation priority to experience the best you can deserve. Never hesitate to hire a luxury car rental if you’re determined to enjoy every bit of your time while exploring your trip.