Best Ideas for Your Trip across USA this Summer

The ultimate way to really explore a new place is by getting into the Firefly car rental Denver co and meandering through. Turn up the music and drop the windows and let the wind in your hair.

The vast, diverse sceneries, quaint towns and buzzing cities that follow daily routine – It’s worth the effort of driving making the obvious matters of hiring and insuring a car, making sure you are driving on the right of the road and learning a few new road laws make it a priceless experience. In Arizona, you can park in the picturesque desert town of Winslow, on Route 66.

The concept of taking on the open road is a sense of freedom and exploration open to all. Avoiding the Interstates will allow you to venture out into the quieter, scenic routes.

Some of the most popular places to visit include:

• California State Route 1

This route is in the heart of what’s called California’s redwood country. If you do the drive in summer, the sun will be kissing your skin all the way. This route is along the Pacific coast sandwiched between Dana Point and Leggett.

You will pass through famous sites like Santa Monica, Long Beach, Malibu, right to San Francisco and Point Reyes National Seashore. This a beautiful journey where you are closely leaning onto the coast.

• Route 66

Being one of the most famous highways of all, ending in California you will get to explore many roads and historical sites. Be sure to check which routes are open before you set out on your journey.

• Highway 61

This route links the New Orleans and the city of Wyoming which is in Minnesota. Owing to its rich musical culture and apparent Great Migration of African-Americans which took place from the Mississippi Delta to St Louis and Chicago, the route is widely known as the ‘Blues Highways’.

Traveling across the Coast

• US Route 20

If you have time on your hands and want to make a dream come true, traveling from coast to coast offers many options. This route is the longest in the country which runs between Newport which is in Oregon across to Boston. Some parts are broken so it’s wise to check ahead of your trip. Here the Yellow Stone national park is a definite must see.

• US Route 30

Running through what is somewhat considered as a national ‘Main Street’. It runs close to the National Automobile Museum and giant coffee pot in Pennsylvania. Being the southernmost route, opting to in winter is a good idea.

• Other routes to consider include, Monument Valley, Blue Ridge Parkway, and Florida Keyes –which boast some breath taking views through the ocean highway which boasts the remarkable Seven Mile Bridge.